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Rec/Cheer: Ages 6-14

Our Rec/Cheer classes combine all the cheer skills, stunting, jumps, motions & dance along with tumbling. This class will fulfill their dream of becoming a cheerleader along with preparing them for All-Star cheer.

Includes: Two (2) Parades and Two (2) Performances

Class Length: 1.5 hours weekly

Proper Attire:

  • Stretchy shorts and fitted T-Shirt
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Hair pulled back
Proper Attire:
  • Stretchy shorts and fittted T-shirt
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Hair must be pulled back
  • No jewlery is to be worn

Competition Cheer: Ages 5-14 years

Experience the fun and excitement of competition all star cheer! Athletes will focus on improving their tumbling, dancing, and stunting skills while developing lasting friendships and learning to work as a team. Teams have mandatory weekly practices and attend competitions in Utah and Idaho.

  • Team building
  • Parades and Performance
  • Prep for high school tryouts
  • Ages 5-14. All levels available
  • Open placement may be available. Official try-out in April

Choose one of the following team options that will best work for your family

Show Cheer Teams

A team designed to build skill level and confidence. Many performance opportunities at a great price. Round off required.

Class length: 1.5 hours twice a week

Ages: 6-8

Proper Attire:

  • Practice attire
  • Cheer Shoes
  • Hair must be pulled back
  • No jewlery is to be worn

Fees: Monthly tuition plus competition fees


  • Two (2) Parades
  • Two (2) Performances (Dec & May)
  • Two (2) competitions

All-Star Cheer Teams

Competition cheer teams where teamwork and commitment are key skills gained along with outstanding cheer and tumbling abilities. Back Handspring and commitment contract required.

Class length: 2.0 hours twice a week

Ages 7-14

Proper Attire:

  • Practice attire
  • Cheer Shoes
  • Hair must be pulled back
  • No jewlery is to be worn

Fees: Monthly tuition plus competition fees ($ amount dependant on the level of the team)


  • Two (2) Parades
  • One (1) Performance
  • Four to Five (4-5) competitions (Dec -April)
Important Links for Team Members

Class Schedule

Team Calendar

Tumble 4 Dance/Cheer

Learn specific tumbling skills needed for cheer and dance. Aerials, back walkovers, back handsprings, tuck and much more. Curriculum catered to meet each individual’s needs.

To register, go to Tumbling and Choose Enroll Now

Cheer Try-Out Readiness: Ages 12 & up

If you are thinking about trying out for Jr. High or High School cheerleading, then this is the perfect class.

  • Build your tumbling skills-most schools require a back handspring for tryouts
  • Improve your jumps
  • Clean motions
  • Perfect your presentation
  • All aspects of try-outs will be covered
  • Private lessons available


  • February 1st through March 22nd
  • Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:30 PM
  • Eight week clinic

Back Handspring Clinics: Ages 6 - 12

School Year Schedule:

Time: Every Monday @ 4:30-5:30 PM

Fees: $15/Clinic

Summer Schedule:

Time: Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Fees: $25/Clinic

To register, go to tumbling page and choose the enroll button on the side

Private lessons can be arranged. Please contact our office

  • Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday
  • Address: 1455 South Commerce Way, Perry, UT 84302
  • Phone: 435-723-1280
  • Fax: 435-843-6514


  • $30/half hour private lesson
  • $50/half hour semi-private lesson (limit is two participants)

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