Customer Reviews

I have taken my kids to Clearfield and North Ogden for swim lessons. The Peak is by far the BEST and has the BEST teachers. Worth the drive! Coach Erica’s class, Level 2 session 1 - Anonymous

Dear Mardi: Just wanted to let you know what a positive impact that you, The Peak, and your coaches have had on my daughter. It is evident that your #1 concern is the confidence, happiness, and success of The Peak kids. Our community is so lucky to have you and The Peak as resources to build strong, healthy and happy kids. Sincerely, MG

The PEAK is the way to go. The hosts are great. We have had our daughter’s birthday parties at the PEAK ever since she was 5 years old until now at 12 years old. The have the greatest time. – AM Well worth the money. The kids could run, jump, and be as loud as they wanted. The all had lots of fun! – JH

The party was so fun and easy. The kids loved it and my hands were free to take pictures and join in the fun! –KB

Awesome! We live in Ogden, but my little boy always wants his parties at the PEAK! – LS

Our host was awesome!!! We had a blast! We loved how clean it was, and how friendly everyone was. –AS

This is the cleanest, nicest gym in the state! It is so much fun up here. My family loves it! I drive past two gyms to get to this one because my kids have learned a lot here! –JN

The PEAK is very accommodating to us as a family. We have from 2-83 in age, and there is something for everyone. It is nice for the kids to have room to run and have fun, and the adults have a place to eat and talk. –PB

Dear Peak Gym- Thank you for letting me come. Thank you for teaching us physical fitness. I liked the marshmallow pit and rock climbling. When I got home I got on my gym shorts and exercised some more. I wanted to stay forever. I had a lot of fun. Your friend, M. P. (Mrs. Smith’s 2nd Grade)

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