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Dance Classes

Peak Dance Mission Statement

Peak Dance Academy is committted to providing high quality instruction in a positive learning environment. We take pride in our skilled and encouraging teachers who work to nurture each student's gift of talent and creativity . We strive to instill confidence, kindness, and believe that all our dancers should dance happy!

Beginning Jazz/Ballet Combo: Ages 3+

  • Recognize rhythm
  • Develop stage presence
  • Master basic ballet terms & techniques
  • Learn beginning dance fundamentals & movement

Class length 45 minutes - 1 hour, depending on age

Intermediate Jazz/Ballet Combo: Ages 6 -8

  • Improve flexibility, body control, stage presence
  • Master intermediate jazz & ballet techniques
  • Skills include single/double pirouettes, intermediate & advanced turns, leaps and movement

Class length 1 hour

Intermediate & Advanced Jazz: Ages 8 to 14

  • Improve flexibility , body control, stage presence
  • Master intermediate or advanced jazz technique
  • Skills include single/double pirouettes, intermediate & advanced turns & leaps

Class length: 1 hour

Ballet/Lyrical Ages: 6-10

  • Master basic ballet techniques and vocabulary
  • Improve flexibility and body control
  • Develop stage presence

Class length 1 hour

Hip Hop: Ages 6+

  • Learn body awaremess, control & stage presence
  • Increase agility
  • Master hip-hop techniques and vocabulary

Class length 1 hour

Tumble 4 Dance/Cheer

Learn specific tumbling skills needed for cheer and dance. Aerials, back walkovers, back handsprings, tuck and much more. Curriculum catered to meet each individual’s needs.

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