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Martial Arts

Martial Arts practices under the Chiryoku System. Chiryoku is a mixed martial art system. We have drawn the Tae Kwon Do, Japanese Karate, Jiu-jitsus, Judo and Wrestling to make our system as effective as possible. Chiryoku literally means knowledge is power, therefore it is a forever changing and evolving style. We will borrow from the Air Force core values, which are:

  • Integrity First
  • Service Before Self
  • Excellence in All We Do

Students will be taught discipline and self-confidence.

Intro to Martial Arts: Ages 4 & Up

This class teaches Martial Arts basics and helps young children develop coordination, flexibility and balance. This program introduces students to a structured learning environment and promotes self discipline and respect. Activitities include flexibility and strength training, drills, games and rewards, while introducing martial arts forms, stances and techniques. Students then move into Little Ninjas once the basics have been conquered.


  • 45 minute class
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Little Ninjas: Ages 4-7

After completing the Intro to Martial Arts, students are now ready to refine technique along with added karate techniques of kicking, punching, blocks, self-defense and rolling. Students will gain confidence, listening skills, self-control and goal setting. Belt stripe progressions are also included in this program. It is a jammed packed session of movement and fun.


  • 55 min class
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Warriors: Ages 8 & Up

Our Warriors class combines techniques such as strikes, punches, blocks, kicks, take downs, throws and grappling. This class is a great way to learn self defense, relieve stress, gain confidence and get in shape. Belt testing is also performed at this level.


  • 1.5 hour class
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